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    3657 E HWY 30A



Our caboose attachments can fit 2 children with a combined weight of 100 lbs (maximum).
The recommended age range is between 1-6 years old.



Caboose Only: We attach our caboose to a bike you already have through your rental property or your personal bike. Make sure that the bike you'd like us to attach this to has a 15mm bolt for the back tire. Anything larger than a 15mm bolt will not be compatible with our caboose attachments. We do not attach caboose carriers to geared or electric bikes, only single-speed bikes. Please check for compatibility before renting.

Bike + Caboose: We supply a single-speed beach cruiser and the caboose. Please note that the price of the bike is included already. Please do NOT add the bike separately.


If you would like a male-frame bike instead of a step-through bike, please let us know in the box at the bottom of your form (at checkout).

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