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3657 E Co. Hwy 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, FL. 32459


Annual Bike Rental (House Bikes)


​What happens if the tires need air or the chain needs to be tightened?

  • Annual rentals are maintained quarterly. If a guest has an issue between normal maintenance periods, they will be able to contact us directly or through you.

What's the deal with baskets and helmets?

  • You have the option to request baskets and helmets with your rental. Please note that these items are often broken or lost on house bikes.

How will my guests lock the bikes?

  • Locks are provided with each bike. Stress the importance of ALWAYS locking your bike.

What happens if my equipment is lost or stolen?

  • You are held responsible for any lost or stolen equipment, not your guest. We recommend adding a section regarding reimbursement for lost/stolen bikes and equipment in your guest's rental contract. 

  • Annual rentals will be charged the full retail value to replace lost or stolen equipment BEFORE a replacement will be provided.

About the Bike

black unisex.jpg
  • 26'' Tires

  • 18'' Aluminium Frame

  • Adjustable Seat Height (no tools needed)

  • Best for people ranging from 5' to 6' tall.

  • We will make sure the color is the same for all of your bikes. Our most common "house bike" color is black.

  • Our phone number will be on the bike at the base of the handlebars.

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